XFCE Workspace Background, redux

As I was writing yesterday, I realized that my code was sloppy, particular to my needs, and nearly unusable. I refactored the script to be more intuitive. When called, the script switches to the desktop specified by the first argument (it's zero-indexed), drops in a new background image list, and updates the background. The background changes a few hundred ms after switching, but it's good enough for me.

Here are directions for using it:

XFCE Workspace Desktop Rotation

Linux offers a wonderful feature called workspaces: I can have an arbitrary number of desktops, and arrange windows however I want. One could have a music player running fullscreen, another can run GIMP, and a third could have a tutorial. Keyboard shortcuts let me jump between workspaces. In effect, multiple workspaces give me four screens for the price of one.

Radar Display

XFCE (the desktop environment I use) has many neat plugins. Among them, I use a mail plugin that checks all my accounts, a mixer, and a weather plugin to grab a forecast. I'm fond of having a radar display to see what's coming my way, but XFCE doesn't have a radar gadget. So I made one.