Spring Cleaning

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Check it out! Animation! On a site! is a year old. A year and three days, in fact.

Since I set up the domain, I've been using it to document projects - a reprap over the summer, coding games in the spring, a wooden lock, and some really weird stuff. All that writing took a toll on site organization.

(This post has a lot of big words. Instead of worrying about them, take a look at the brand-new Escapades menu above!)

Archives, Redux

Views does almost what it should. There doesn't seem to be support for nesting lists, which I was looking for. It refuses to create a nested list (below). JQuery and AJAX could've done a great job of theming that into an accordian menu.

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Views is an amazing module.

By default, the Drupal homepage shows a "Teaser" of each node (piece of content) that's been promoted to the front page. If there are more than 10 posts, it'll do you the favor of displaying a pager at the bottom. That's all it does, though. There's no filtering, only rudamentary ordering, and general lack of customization.

When the site came online, I used the Path module to give content a snazzy URL (in lieu of the Drupal default ""). All of the articles (the things in the frontpage use the URL format ""). I wanted the home page to filter using the same yyyy/mm scheme to allow granular browsing. shows all posts from 2012 shows all posts from June displays this post

That's where Views comes in.