Serenity. Recognize it? Good.
I sketched this in the week I had off from school. Looks pretty cool. It's going on my door.

Space Shuttle Liftoff

The Space Shuttle Atlantis, as it lifts off from Cape Canaveral. (Still a work in progress. I like how the gantry loses detail near the shuttle's base, but want to add some smoke and fire.)

I had to crop the png image, cause the site doesn't have enough RAM to generate thumbnails of the original sketch. No detail was lost in the process. Awesome alignment suffered, though.

Hubble Space Telescope

This is the Hubble Space telescope, captured as the third shuttle mission to repair the telescope departed.

The sketch is hanging out on my door, the first of many.

The site can't make thumbnails of large images. Evidently scaling a 12MP image takes about 30Mb of RAM, and the site only has 64Mb total. Alas. (The full size pictures are cooler, but take what you can get.)