Gingerbread Castle

You know gingerbread houses, of course. Smallish houses, covered in all sorts of candies and dripping in frosting. They're popular around Christmas (not that I celebrate that holiday...).

Recently, my family was getting together, and I decided to make something fancy out of gingerbread. After considering Serenity (too hard), I decided to make a castle. I threw the dough together, rolled it into 9x16 sheets, and baked it.

Helen and I drafted plans for the castle, and she figured out what shapes and sizes everything should be.

I made the corner pieces by wrapping slices of gingerbread around a 1" dowel as soon as the cookies came out of the oven. For the rest, I let the gingerbread sit overnight to stale, then sliced it into rectangles.

The castle was assembled with Royal icing, then set afloat in a sea of jello with Sweedish Sharks.