Hold Me Tonight

I was looking around for lyrics to Red Grammer's Hold Me Tonight today, and couldn't find them, so I typed them up. Without further ado:

Hold Me Tonight, by Red Grammer

Some days like bad dreams that seep through me
I run but I can't break away
Push comes to shove and I lose track of love
I'm blind by the light of day

Somewhere I hear you calling me
Saying "Hold on, I'm not far away"
So I work my way through thinking of you
Till I walk through the door and say:

Hold me tonight; wrap me up tight
I'm tired and I'm bruised and I can't take the fight
Oh, I know I'll feel better in the morning light
Just hold me tonight...

Night falls; the day fades; there's only you
I know I ... I wanted you so
You breathe into me my hopes and my dreams
Honey, don't let go


When you look into my eyes,
you make me glad I'm alive: